Vol. 5  Fall Artwork & Evening Song


An invitation to a reflective concert experience this Sunday and an update of student artwork in October. 

Please join Paly Choirs this Sunday October 11th for "Evening Song".  This event is a 1/2 hour of meditative song and music that celebrates diversity, culture, and perspective. These meditative selections are meant to cleanse the soul and prepare you for the week ahead.  Live Stream starts at 8pm on Palo Alto High School Choirs Youtube Channel.  

Art Spectrum students use their initials combined with additional graphics to express their personalities.

Some of the advanced pottery students have been focusing on slab built and pinch pot construction, because they don't have access to pottery wheels this year. This is a slab constructed and hand carved spice jar by Madeleine Kelly. She's also using a finishing technique called burnishing that dates back to the Nile Valley 5000BC.

Students in the Ceramic Sculpture class were given blocks of oil clay in their take home materials kit. It's a new medium for most of the students, and a great clay to use remotely because it doesn't dry out. Their first assignment was just to familiarize themselves with the clay by sculpting a turtle and adding texture, using some wooden clay tools they hand carved with an Exacto knife. 
Turtle by Blair Midgal. Tools by Charlie Rock.

Paly Theatre had their first performance "Virtually There" a few weeks ago. This performance combined a collection of four student written plays performed live over Zoom (with some screensharing and sound effects thrown in)!

For the Composition Process Project, Advanced Photography and AP Art & Design students watched a video on the 7 considerations for composing images from professional photographer David DuChemin. During Zoom class periods they selected a subject to photograph in various settings, lighting and from different camera angles to observe and explore their strengths and weaknesses in composing strategies, then posted their work on Schoology album galleries for class critique. 

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