Vol. 3 Back in the Zoomroom


                      Artistic Self-Portraits. 
              Soundtracks of your Life.
                                                       Photographs for Perspective.

We've been finding meaningful ways to connect 

                                     with one another in the Zoomroom.

Paly Theatre is diving headfirst into its virtual fall season with a week full of auditions and rehearsals beginning right after Labor Day! In September, Paly Theatre will be presenting Virtually There: A Collection of Original Student Works. This showcase will feature four brand-new plays written, directed, and acted by Paly students, ranging from over-the-top comedies about Zoom gone wrong to dramas exploring the nature of online interactions. Performances will take place online September 25th-27th!

Next up, our Fall Play takes a dramatic twist as we present three titles in rotation over the course of November: the murder-mystery comedy Clue, the haunting Murder by Poe, and the beloved high school/Dungeons & Dragons mash-up, She Kills Monsters. Over 200 monologues and scene auditions took place over Schoology and Zoom this week, and we can already tell you that these shows are going to be fantastic.

To stay up-to-date on all of our shows, follow our calendar on palytheatre.com!

Art Spectrum and Painting & Drawing classes have been making introductions through "Self-Portraits with objects."  The students' personalities shine through as they share the items in their world that bring them joy and make them who they are. Students in Art Spectrum have also been working on mark-making and pattern doodling in preparation for their first project.

In addition to Advanced Vocals Auditions, students in choir have been creating a "Soundtracks of My Life" to share and connect with classmates and teachers. These soundtrack presentations highlight moments in their story and the music they connect to those meaningful memories. 

Student Soundtrack 1
Student Soundtrack 2

Photography and AP Art & Design students begin the year by framing ways in which COVID19 has changed their world. They explored various ways in which current disasters reframe our perspectives. Students illustrated ways in which they are coping with the stress and isolation of COVID19 and through their photography share the perspectives that uplift their outlook.