Vol. 13 Lovely Day


Closing out the semester, let's take a look back at art projects from Spring 2021.

Paly Choirs sings "Lovely Day" honoring our graduating class of 2021.

Advanced Painting & Drawing Self Portraits

Intermediate and Advanced Sculpture Cardboard Sculpture

Students were tasked with constructing a sculpture using only cardboard, tape and glue. For inspiration we looked at architectural models, masks, abstract sculpture, and product/furniture design. We also looked at the work of Monami Ohno, Eva Jospin, and Ann Weber. 

Art Spectrum Arcimboldo Self-Portrait Paintings
In Art Spectrum, we looked at the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and students reflected on ways to symbolize who they are through objects and colors. Their projects are the result of a process in which they were problem-solving, planning, drawing, and then painting.

Drawings of Parts of the Face from Observation
Students spent time observing their facial features and drawing what they observed to increase their drawing skills.

Painting & Drawing
Students in Painting and Drawing created mixed media portraits of someone they drew from observation. Their goal was to use their knowledge of value and proportion to draw realistically and use watercolor to create mood.

AP Art & Design students with a focus on Photography completed their 2021 portfolios with a feature artwork that was part of the PAUSD exhibition at the Palo Alto Arts Center in April.

Paly Choirs Spring Performance "Concert in the Courtyard" recorded live on Paly's campus featuring performances by Premier Choir, Madrigal Singers, Spectrum Singer, Festival Choir and student led acapella groups.

Paly Instrumental Year in Review and Senior Showcase.

Congratulations to the 100+ Photography awards earned by Paly students for their amazing talents in the 2020-2021 school year.