Vol. 1 The Arts in a Pandemic


Keeping the Visual & Performing Arts 
Thriving During a Global Pandemic

When you are scrolling on Tiktok, what do you see? Endless dance videos.
On Facebook? Impressive virtual choirs and acapella videos.
On Disney+? "Hamilton" the Musical and "Black is King" played over and over again.

Our community is craving creative energy, momentary joy, and collective expression even during a global pandemic. With concert halls and museum galleries closed, artists are finding ways to connect and our students at Paly are no different.

For a time filled with so much anxiety and uncertainty, our students show up
with endless amounts of hope, passion, and resilience. 
Ready to do what we do best...create.

Looking back on last spring, our programs continued to provide students opportunities to create and connect in meaningful ways. From livestreamed concerts, to virtual art galleries, to social events, to special commissions for the class of 2020. Through these experiences our community learns, adapts, and improves.  We will be sharing our experiences and art through our new blog "The Spotlight".

Paly Choirs Commission "To June" Dedicated to the Class of 2020

As we enter a new year of uncertainty, we are empowered by the role Art plays in our lives.  

To build community.  Make connections.  
Improve wellbeing.  Spark imagination.  
Sing songs.  Share photos.  Paint pictures.

As artists, we are creators and innovators.
                 We adapt. We are resilient. We will thrive.
                                    Not even a global pandemic is going to stop us.

Art Spectrum Virtual Art Gallery

Paly Instrumental Music Spring Concert

Paly Choirs Spring Concert